LED Rhythm Light
LED Rhythm Light
LED Rhythm Light
LED Rhythm Light
LED Rhythm Light
LED Rhythm Light

LED Rhythm Light

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This innovative LED Rhythm Lights brings rhythm to life, syncing with your favorite music to create a mesmerizing visual experience.

With its sound-controlled feature, the lights pulsate and dance to the beats, immersing you in a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere. Whether you're hosting a party, relaxing at home, or setting the mood for an event, this rhythm light adds a touch of magic and excitement to any occasion. Let the power of music illuminate your surroundings and ignite your senses with the LED Rhythm Light.

RGB Sound Control Light - With its high sensitive mic and noise cancellation function, it effortlessly controls the rhythm of the music and transforms any space into a soothing and exhilarating experience.

Colorful Visual Effect - Ignite your senses with our revolutionary sound-sensitive music light. With 32 RGB lamp beads, 8 vibrant color modes, 5 adjustable speed levels, and 4 brightness settings, you have the power to create a mesmerizing music visual experience that's tailored to your mood.

Quick and Easy to Use - With a simple press of the MODE/COLOR button, you have the freedom to explore a multitude of captivating modes, creating an immersive and joyful atmosphere wherever you go.

How to use the LED Rhythm Light:

  • Power Key: Press and hold to turn on/off.
  • Mode Key: Press shortly for mode selection.
  • Speed Key: Press and hold for 5-level speed options.
  • Color Key: Press shortly to choose colors.
  • Brightness Key: Press and hold for 4-level brightness adjustment.
  • Long Press Two Keys Simultaneously: Capture and analyze environmental noise for an enhanced display.
  • Battery Level: Press shortly to check battery level.
  • Battery Level Display: Press the power button to see the remaining battery capacity, indicated by the number of green lights. A low power red light will flash when the battery is below 5% and the device will shut down.


  • Each LED Rhythm Light is meticulously crafted to respond to sound, creating a unique and captivating display that dances with the rhythm of music.
  • The LED Rhythm Light has built-in highly sensitive microphone.
  • It has a 32-RGP lamp heads with 4 adjustable brightness levels and 5 adjustable speed levels.
  • The size of the LED Rhythm Light is 18 x 1.8 x 1.6 cm or about 7.1 in x 0.7 x 0.6 in.
  • It has built-in high capacity rechargeable battery.
  • Materials: Superior quality iron and highly durable ABS
  • The package comes in 1 LED Rhythm Light, 1 stand, 1 USB charger, and a manual.